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Female Moon Names

Moonmaid Cattery has assembled the following tables with names of moons. Most of the names are moons in our Solar System; when possible, the reference for the names is given. Some of the moons are from fictitious places; the reference to the fictional work is given as well. If no sex could be found in research, the name is listed on the "neutral" tables (i.e., many of the Science Fiction works such as McCaffrey or Bradley have made-up names).

For the purposes of this list, planets of our solar system are treated as 'moons' or satellites to our sun, Sol.

Moon name Planet Research
Ariel Saturn The Tempest: an ayrie sprite
Atlas Saturn a titan, held the sky to prevent its fall to earth
Charon Pluto ferried dead souls across river from living to dead
Davida Sun an Asteroid
Deimos Mars Pestilence, son of Ares, brother of Phobos
Earth Sun a satellite of Sol
Enceladus Saturn Killed by Zeus, Mt. Aetna placed over body
Epimetheus Saturn Prometheus' bro, Pandora's spouse, "afterthought"
Ganymede Jupiter Zeus assumed eagle form, carried Ganymede to be waterbearer
Hyperion Saturn a Titan, son of Uranus, = Sun
Iapetus Saturn a Titan, Prometheus' father, Atlas' brother
Interamnia Sun an Asteroid
Janus Saturn two-faced Roman god, denotes any passageway, begining
Jupiter Sun Roman Jupiter=Greek Zeus, lord of sky & daylight
Mars Sun Roman god of war, forces of springtime, fertility
Mercury Sun Roman god of trade, commerce
Mimas Saturn a Titan struck down by Zeus when fought the gods
Neptune Sun Roman god of fresh water, later Greek sea god
Oberon Uranus Midsummer Night's Dream: King of the Fairies
Pallas Sun Asteroid
Phobos Mars Ares' son, Deimos' brother, personification of fear
Pluto Sun Lord of dead, Hades, God of Underworld, "Wealth"
Prometheus Saturn Epimetheus' brother, firebringer, "beforethought"
Puck Uranus Midsummer, Mischeivious, jester, not malevalent
Saturn Sun Roman god of chill & doom
Telesto Saturn  
Timor Pern Anne McCaffrey's Dragonrider books
Titan Saturn Six sons of Uranus & Gaia, Cronus youngest, leader
Triton Neptune Greek Merman, Pallas is his daughter
Uranus Sun Consort of Earth (Ge), castrated by Cronus

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