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Female Moon Names

Moonmaid Cattery has assembled the following tables with names of moons. Most of the names are moons in our Solar System; when possible, the reference for the names is given. Some of the moons are from fictitious places; the reference to the fictional work is given as well. If no sex could be found in research, the name is listed on the "neutral" tables (i.e., many of the Science Fiction works such as McCaffrey or Bradley have made-up names).

For the purposes of this list, planets of our solar system are treated as 'moons' or satellites to our sun, Sol.

Moon name Planet Research
Adrastea Jupiter Goddess of Fate, inevitable one
Amalthea Jupiter Goat that suckled Zeus, bearer of horn of Cornucopia
Ananke Jupiter Nurse of Zeus, a force even gods must obey
Belinda Uranus  
Belior Pern Anne McCaffrey's Dragonrider books
Bianca Uranus Taming of the Shrew: Second daughter
Callisto Jupiter Greek goddess lover of Zeus, mother of Pan
Calypso Saturn a Nymph, daughter of Atlas, or daughter of Tethys?
Carme Jupiter daughter of Phoenix
Ceres Sun Asteroid - Roman goddess of corn & creative powers of earth
Cordelia Uranus King Lear's youngest & best loved daughter
Cressida Uranus Troilus: daughter of Chalchas
Cybele Sun Asteroid - "Mountain Mother", identified with Rhea
Desdemona Uranus Othello's wife
Dione Saturn Zeus' wife, Aphrodite's mother, Atlas' daughter
Earth Sun Satelite of Sol
Elara Jupiter  
Europa Jupiter maiden seduced by Zeus, mother-in-law to Pasiphae
Ganymede Jupiter As You Like It, Rosalind's disguise
Helene Saturn Helen of Troy, daughter of Nemesis, raised by Leda
Himalia Jupiter Nymph of Rhodes, a miller's wife, taken by Zeus
Hygeia Sun Asteroid - Personification of Health
Interamnia Sun Asteroid of Sol
Io Jupiter Hera's preistess, seduced by Zeus
Juliet Uranus Romeo & Juliet
Leda Jupiter Zeus turned himself into a Swan to seduce Leda
Lysithea Jupiter  
Metis Jupiter first mistress of Zeus. Prudence, treachery
Miranda Uranus The Tempest, Prospero's daughter
Nereid Neptune sea nymphs, Nereids were the daughters of Nereaus
Ophelia Uranus Hamlet: went mad over love of Hamlet
Pallas Sun Asteroid, daugher of Triton
Pandora Saturn Greek, first woman, wife of Epimetheus
Pasiphae Jupiter Wife of Minos, "she who shines on all" = moon
Persephone Sun Zeus' daughter, associated with Hades
Phoebe Saturn As You Like It
Portia Uranus Merchant of Venice: a rich heiress
Rhea Saturn Mother of Zeus
Rosalind UranusAs You Like It: daughter of exiled Duke of Burgundy
Sinope Jupiter Deimos & Phobos sister, kept virgin to Zeus
Telesto Saturn  
Tethys Saturn daughter of Uranus, raised by Hera
Thebe Jupiter daughter of Prometheus
Titania Uranus Midsummer Night's Dream
Umbriel Uranus Twelfth's Night
Venus Sun Ita Venus=Greek Aphrodite, goddess love, veg. gard
Vesta Sun Asteroid -Roman goddess, hearthfire, tended by Vestal Virgins
Titania Uranus Midsummer Night's Dream

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