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Ch. Moonmaid Hershey Silk Chocolate

Ch. Moonmaid Hershey
Silk Chocolate

Born October 10, 1991, her first name was "cloud." My friend, Jane, was going to take her. I asked, what is her name? At three weeks, she was a fluffy white cloud. But what will you call her if she turns into a champagne instead of a platinum? Well, she's a "Her" and she's a "she" and she's a "Chocolate" (also known as "champagne"), so I'll call her "Hershey."

Jane didn't take Hershey, after all, and Hershey became the first queen with Moonmaid in the prefix of her name, not as an additional suffix. She is also the only breeding queen with Moonmaid who doesn't have a Moon name; the pun in her name is too perfect to augment! (And, yes, her coat is as soft as silk.)

Hershey is an example of the Champagne or Chocolate Burmese, one carrying the "Berringer" gene, the gene that makes for a much lighter body color.

Hershey retired from breeding after four litters. We loved her for 14 years. Jay and I miss her dearly.

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