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Ch. Moonmaid Callisto

Ch. Moonmaid Callisto

When Pandora had her third litter January 6, 1993, it was very exciting: there was a blue one, a brown one and two white ones. I had the potential of a true rainbow litter, one of each!

I wanted to specialize in the dilute colors and was looking for another queen. I prayed that the girl would be a platinum. She had the stocky, cobby body that I look for in the Burmese. I was so delighted when her nose leather started to turn blue (indicating platinum) instead of brown (indicating champagne or chocolate).

Callisto is almost everything that I look for in a Burmese (she doesn't play fetch!) -- good body, adequate nose break (I don't favor an extreme look), silky coat, good eye color. And, she loves her mom!

Callisto was frustrated when the sable boys of her last litter went home. She misses her little sable daughter, Miranda, too. As she has aged, she has put on a little bit of weight which, with her recent loss, has been slowly peeling off. Looking good, Callisto!

Callisto retired from breeding after four litters.

Four Burmese kittens on a cat tree